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The crypto world is rapidly nearing a huge economic event predicted to tip the scales in favor of economic markets. This covers the equities and cryptocurrency markets and the assets listed in the directories. As a result, the FOMC meeting and its troubling ramifications have been a rising source of anxiety for the brotherhood.

In the middle of the FED’s modifications, crypto traders are looking for an optimal approach to deal with the upheaval of the meeting’s ramifications. Meanwhile, an industry proponent provides light on the best strategy in light of current market developments.

What Is the Key to a Safe Run in Economic Turmoil?

The FOMC meeting of the Federal Reserve has driven FUD in the business, lowering the fear and greed index to high dread at a score of 23. Meanwhile, traders have been deliberating on their next course of action in the volatile market, which appears to be dipping to lower levels. The market has been ebbing due to the FOMC’s quantitative tightening, interest rate rises, and balance sheet reduction.

Traders are now thinking about exchanging their altcoins for Bitcoin, as altcoins have fallen off the barriers to a greater extent. However, according to one industry proponent, switching alts to BTC is not the best solution. The implications of the FOMC meeting will, in the short term, focus on BTC in the crypto industry, followed by other alts.

On the other hand, assets such as cryptos have been trending higher in the time frame and may rebound stronger because altcoins recover quicker and at a higher pace than Bitcoin.

Alts remain a viable choice for holding on, but portfolio management is critical. Having stated that, the plan is to avoid making emotional judgments.

To summarize, the technique above remains an excellent way to combat the continuing economic turmoil.

However, altcoins such as Avalanche, Ethereum, Cardano, and Solana have made significant gains and are actively considered by traders and investors in the industry.

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