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After Apple failed to test one of its apps for the App Store, the company is now facing yet another lawsuit. Toast Plus, a fake program masquerading as a cryptocurrency wallet called Toast Wallet, used phishing attacks to steal XRP from users’ wallets.

Hadona Diep, a Toast Plus phishing assault victim, filed a class-action lawsuit against Apple, alleging that the company cleared the hackers via the App Store application vetting process, resulting in losing consumers’ digital assets. According to the lawsuit, Tech Giant allowed the attack and breached despite knowing its evil intent. Furthermore, Apple failed to notify users that their financial information had been hacked as part of a hoax.

Apple does not thoroughly vet applications

Apple, which takes pride in its security protocols, has an astringent and extensive vetting process before allowing apps to be published on its App Store. The lawsuit, however, emphasizes that part of this vetting process is acquiring the app’s use case, source code, user instructions, and software documentation.

As a result, Apple is liable for statutory damages of the greater of “$10,000 or $100 per day” for each day of infringement, as well as actual and punitive damages, reasonable attorney’s expenses, and Defendant profits earned from the offenses as mentioned earlier.

  • “Because plaintiff knew, or at least thought she knew, that apple thoroughly vets applications before it allowed them on the App Store, Plaintiff downloaded the application known as Toast Plus from the Apple Store on or about March 2020 onto her iPhone.”
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