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The first real estate agency in Metaverse, Verse is about to deliver the Los Angeles villa to the NFT holders on the 30th. After much postponing, the project is finally going to be experienced by the end-user. The controlled beta testing will be done with 20 people on May 25th to inspect bugs & technical glitches and for others, it will be available on May 30th. 

Customers with VR headsets will be able to access the platform via Oculus Quest 2, also those who don’t own VRs can experience it from any desktop. The company also released a teaser video showcasing the property, which awestruck many people. The virtual property is way too real, the verse seemed to have fulfilled their promise of bridging the gap between the physical and digital world.

The minting for this property happened at the start of April, and it was sold for 8 SOL each. The property is expected to be listed on OpenSea as well other than their main marketplace Magic Eden. Those who wish to buy now can do so from the secondary market.

Luxury with LA villa

LA Villa was created in collaboration with French artist Vincent Faudemer, and people who bought the NFT for the villa are also eligible to play-to-earn VR created for him for free. The verse is also planning to offer free tokens of New York penthouse to the LA customers, to show respect for the initial members of the community.

The buyers will be able to customize their villa which comes along with added facilities such as a pool and garden. Their NFT’s already present in their wallet will automatically be portrayed in the house, they can invite up to 100 friends to party or watch NetFlix videos or listen to songs on Spotify.

Through the shops present inside the metaverse, users can order the clothing goods and get them delivered in the real world. Opening up a new business in the metaverse platform is also made possible.

The platform is decentralized with full governance authority provided to the users. The Open world metaverse by verge is expected to change the way people work, shop, and create a business.


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