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The University of So Paulo (USP) in Brazil will perform Metaverse research in the following months. According to the school’s official website, the study will be undertaken by parties dispersed among interested participants in Psychology, AR/VR, and other fields. USP will guarantee that these interests are aligned with the technological idea so that people are fully aware of how it affects human connection.

USP will develop lands in the USM Metaverse

According to a university lecturer, USP has never worked with NFTs until now. The NFTs were given to the school due to a recent partnership. The magnificent NFT is a land place that will be developed with other well-known organizations. The land in question is on the USM. The professor, Simplicio Jr, stated that USP is the first university in the region to participate in the new technology through its cooperation. The cooperation will also get input from other collaborators and will be supported by Ripple, a well-known crypto payments facilitator.

Participants at the World Economic Forum whip up support for the Metaverse

According to the announcement, the partnership is part of an ongoing arrangement between colleges known as the UBRI. According to recent media reports, the Metaverse has generated a lot of attention in recent weeks. This is supported by the present discussion at the World Economic Forum regarding the area above of the IT industry. The event, which wrapped up on Thursday, examined some of the Metaverse’s benefits to users worldwide.

Another topic of discussion at the occasion was how modern technologies might aid children’s learning in schools. The subject was debated by a panel of men and women who worked in senior positions at various companies. According to one of the panelists, youngsters now use the internet more often than in previous years. The panelist suggests that they create the Metaverse so that it would appeal to youngsters, as they will be the end-users in the future years. One such project is the one that the USP and the USM are now working on.

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