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The social media network has launched a slew of new payment choices for its tip jars, including Ethereum. Twitter users will be able to submit ETH tips starting today.

Twitter’s Tip Jar is Growing

The addition of Ethereum to Twitter’s tip jar function is part of the social platform’s ambition to expand payment alternatives to a more global scale. Users of the Twitter app on their smartphones may now add Ethereum addresses to the list of possibilities for would-be tippers. International payment service providers such as Paga, Paytm, and Barter by Flutterwave will now be supported on the platform. Customers from Nigeria, India, and Ghana may utilize the tipping tool to donate money. Even though BTC tips were previously available on the site through the Lightning network, the recent inclusion of Ethereum addresses adds credence to the claim that Twitter is keen to experiment with non-BTC crypto features such as the iconic hexagonal NFT profile images.

There are limitations involved

However, ENS addresses are not supported by the integration. To send an ETH tip, the sender must first choose the receiver’s ETH tip option, which copies their lengthy, alphanumeric Eth address. The sender may then go to their cryptocurrency wallet and copy the address to send the ETH tip. Another issue with the functionality is that, because tips are often of lower value, it would be counterproductive for users to contribute to an Ethereum address due to transaction fees. As a result, the functionality is simply another option to share one’s Ethereum wallet address with followers.

Check the NFT Profile Image

Twitter has recently been on a crypto tear. Last month, the social media network unveiled a new option that would allow some individuals to certify NFTs as their profile images. The functionality was exclusively available to Twitter Blue subscribers and iOS users in the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. However, the team has said that they want to make the functionality available to Android and Web users of Twitter Blue. The functionality would provide a degree of credibility to NFT ownership and distinguish between actual NFT owners and those who have just stolen the image from someone else’s profile.

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