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Tron Foundation has invested $300 million into the Tron Arcade fund to promote the development of GameFi games that let players earn crypto while playing. The fund is invested in partnership with APENFT and WINKLINK and will support the development and utilization of these projects in the next three years. However, in addition to boosting the in-game economy, this move will also promote decentralized finance and NFTs inside Tron.

The project will also support Decentralized Finance and the NFT economy on the Tron network while making it easy for people to participate in the two, according to Tron Foundation CEO Justin Sun. It is what many are seeing as the new trend in crypto that bridges the gap between gaming and these two.

It will power DeFi because it supports in-game purchases and will require users doing these purchases to participate in this economy. GameFi lets users not only own digital gaming assets but also trade them. This will also promote more developers in the development of gaming content, as well as the monetization of these games.

Tron mostly specializes in gaming experiences. That said, it is easy to see how gaming is related to crypto. For one because a lot of games incorporate an in-game economy, which when combined with crypto, enables many gamers to discover crypto. Many games also encourage crypto adoption because the developers result in discovering and using blockchain to make possible decentralization, enable usage of in-game money, facilitate in-game purchases, and enhance monetization of the games. The challenges lead many users into discovering crypto, DeFi, and NFTs. 

Secondly, most players are young, and although most are playing games to have fun, quite a good number are looking for methods to earn a side income according to Jeffrey Zirlin Sky Mavis co-founder. Many end up discovering crypto by interacting with in-game economies.

“I think what we are seeing is gaming has a massive potential to be Trojan horse for crypto adoption.” 


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