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Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has announced plans to establish a Bitcoin Legal Defense Fund to defend Bitcoin developers from legal action.

In collaboration with Alex Morcos, founder of Chain-co labs, and Martin White, a computer science teacher from the University of Sussex, former Twitter CEO and creator Jack Dorsey announced new plans to launch a Bitcoin Legal Defense Fund. The following fund intends to shield Bitcoin developers from legal action.

Jack Dorsey has proposed the creation of a new fund to safeguard Bitcoin developers.
At 00:13:45 UTC, the news was delivered to bitcoin-dev, a mailing list for Bitcoin developers. Jack Dorsey’s email account appears to be associated with him.

The Bitcoin Legal Defense Fund is described in the release as a non-profit organization whose goal is to reduce legal hassles that deter software developers from actively developing Bitcoin and related projects like the Lightning Network, Bitcoin privacy protocols, and so on.

The fund intends to protect developers from legal action arising from their involvement in the Bitcoin ecosystem. According to the release, the new fund will provide legal defense to Bitcoin developers facing multiple lawsuits.

According to the statement, the fund would help developers find and retain legal counsel, devise litigation strategies, and pay legal fees to help them in times of legal difficulty.

The fund will initially be composed of volunteers and part-time lawyers who will aid developers. According to the release, the fund’s board will be in charge of deciding which lawsuits and defendants it would assist in defending.

The fund’s first official action will assist Bitcoin developers involved in a dispute with Craig Wright’s Tulip Trading Limited over an alleged breach of fiduciary responsibility.

According to the release, the Bitcoin Legal Defense Fund is not currently seeking extra funds for its activities, but it may change its mind at the command of the board if more legal action or staffing is required.

Jack Dorsey, who recently resigned as Twitter’s CEO, has long been a vocal supporter of Bitcoin. Dorsey is well-known for publicly expressing his support for cryptocurrency, and he has tweeted in favor of Bitcoin several times.

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