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Crypto trader and YouTuber Ben Armstrong is revealing a low-cap altcoin that he says will shake up the gaming industry and become one of the top crypto assets of the year.

In a new video, Armstrong tells his 561,000 YouTube subscribers that he’s eyeing Phantasma, a fast, secure, and scalable blockchain solution for gaming, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and decentralized apps.

  • “The blockchain is powered by a dual-token structure. The governance token SOUL and the energy token KCAL, which allows for interoperability with other blockchains while maintaining a decentralized governance system. Phantasma supports tri-chain interoperability between Phantasma and Neo and Phantasma and Ehtereum, although the cross-chain capability between Neo and Ethereum isn’t quite possible yet. Phantasma enables smart NFTs, infused NFTs, multilayered NFTs with very cheap minting.”

The crypto influencer explains that Phantasma makes use of smart NFTs to perform new functions in video games, such as in the 22 Racing series by GOATi Entertainment.

  • “Smart NFTs build on the original use cases of digital non-fungible tokens and take things to the next stage by adding properties like time-based access and infusing the NFTs with other assets. Last year at the PAX online gaming conference, GOATi Entertainment debuted the world’s first time-based NFT in their RTS racing game… The NFT gave attendees the ability to play the game for a short period of time in beta…
  • 22 Racing Series isn’t just another NFT game though. The game is featured on the infamous gaming platforms Steam, PS4, and Xbox One. 22 Racing series allows its users to buy and trade vehicles or make assets to sell or license while the non-fungible tokens give you ownership control and flexibility. Cars themselves are actually a combination of these multilayered smart NFTs consisting of 25 or more individual NFTs to create a hypercar within the game. This takes the infusing or fusion of NFTs like the breeding of CryptoKitties to a whole new level. For those that do not understand the concept, it’s essentially the combining of NFTs to create cars within the game that you can then race.“

Armstrong highlights that if popular video games ever start featuring the use of NFTs, Phantasma is currently at the forefront of being able to provide them with the service.

  • “Just imagine if Fortnite or one of those other popular games implements NFTs for users. Such a system could be huge and Phantasma is the top platform that can actually deliver that to reality.”

Source: Dailyhodl

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