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Crypto analyst Lark Davis is shining the spotlight on a handful of altcoins that he believes have major potential.

The trader tells his 191,000 YouTube subscribers he’s keeping his eye on five little-known crypto projects as the sector continues to see rapid growth.

The first on Davis’ radar is SeaScape Network, a project which Davis says is positioning itself well within the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem, tapping into the gaming industry and its crypto-friendly community.

“Now this is a gaming ecosystem platform for DeFi and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) so basically what we’re seeing here is they’re tapping into the hottest trends in cryptocurrency right now…

Now the gaming industry is incredibly big. [And] the gaming community is a natural fit for the blockchain world.”

Davis notes that SeaScape’s Crowns (CWS) token is on Uniswap, but warns that the price is up considerably because it just had its ICO.

Up next on Davis’ list is another token that has recently launched, Bridge Mutual (BMI). Bridge Mutual is a decentralized insurance project built on Polkadot that Davis is interested in for the long haul.

Davis notes that the project is situated in an underserved sector of the DeFi market, explaining that insurance projects will be essential components of the crypto ecosystem.

“This is probably one of the most important upcoming and underrepresented niches in crypto right now. Insurance is such a big deal and such a necessary service. It’s going to basically be completely essential for building trust in DeFi since the risks of hacks and exploits are one of the biggest fears that are keeping participation in DeFi rather low at the moment.”

The third project that is on Davis’ radar is Sifchain Finance (ROWAN), an omni-chain decentralized exchange that supports cross-chain transactions. Though the token sale registration is currently closed, the coin will be coming to market soon and Davis says he will likely double his position in the project once it reaches exchanges.

Fourth on Davis’ list is Paralink Network (PARA), a multi-chain oracle platform. The reason this project stands out to Davis is its unique Paralink Query Language which allows for faster transaction speeds and for individuals to seek out verifiable data on databases, websites and APIs.

Davis also points out that Paralink is built on Polkadot and that many projects within the ecosystem are currently performing extremely well.

The last project Davis highlights is DAOventures, which is a crypto robo adviser and automated money manager that seeks to make DeFi easier for the average individual.

“They’re basically looking to make DeFi super easy for the average person to use so they’re kind of addressing the same market as something like (YFI), but it’s going to offer a really simple way to do it. So a nice user-friendly dashboard for accessing DeFi where you can do yield farming, use a DeFi manager, lend and borrow, market make and all that stuff all while assigning your risk preference”


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