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Opolis, a Denver-based digital jobs cooperative, recently revealed that its website will now include a native “community patronage token.”

Opolis is a digital workplace cooperative that offers a public utility platform for mutual labor to independent contractors, freelancers, sole professionals, and a variety of other remote and digital jobs. Opolis users have access to the same package of dental care, life and infirmity insurances, and other workplace benefits that have historically been reserved for company employers since it is a cooperative.

Using a modular approach, the platform flexibly tracks and delivers these benefits, and each client keeps the same collection of benefits from a follow-up project or performance. Users will now engage in on-chain governance, staking, and patronage allocation on the Commons network using the community patronage token $WORK. Holders of this utility token must enroll and be validated as Employment Commons participants in order to collect the token‘s privileges and incentives.

With remote work and digital-first workplaces being more popular throughout the pandemic, a technological framework like Opolis that uses blockchain functionalities like tokenization and staking comes at a critical moment.

“The Future of $WORK starts now. We’re aligning the incentives and outcomes of our community around the activities that accrue value and ultimately build a sustainable, Member-owned public utility infrastructure for the Independent Worker. We start in the US, but plan to expand globally to serve a global workforce,” 

Opolis Executive Steward John Paller said

The $WORK token is intended to be used as an incentive token to encourage contributors to participate in patronage events organized by Opolis for its Commons participants. Superfluid, a programmable cashflow protocol, and RaidGuild, a Web3 design and development firm, collaborated on the minting and tokenization of its rewards program.
The Opolis Commons will jointly mint and distribute exactly 315,000,000 units of the $WORK token for its members and consumers during its Genesis Allocation rollout. A part of the overall number of initial tokens will go to a non-treasury circulating supply, while the rest will go to the community. Opolis Inc., which is designated as the Commons Trustee, will also be provided with some 150,000,000 of $WORK.

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