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Damien Chifelli is a multidisciplinary visual artist who has won numerous accolades and exhibited in international shows.

Each of his NFTs is an artifact from Tarogramma’s virtual universe, which exists in tandem with our reality. This is a lost city that researchers have been searching for ages; some believe it is an inaccessible, forgotten city, while others believe it is an afterlife, and still, others believe it is a wholly fictional city.

After the publication of the Tarogramma Archive collection, Damien Chifelli returned to with the second drop. Collectors are archaeologists in this reality, finding new elements of the ancient city as they are built. The inhabitants who live in the mythical hidden realm of Tarogram are explored in the second edition of Tarogramma artifacts in a unique NFT form.

The Tarogramma Archive by Damien Cifelli - DropsEarn
Three posters titled “Life Back into the World”; “Let the Planet Breathe” and “Just Remember to Breathe” depict residents Tarogram on pandemic commercial posters.
The scenario “3 pm at Amen Break” depicts everyday life in the city and the passage of time.

Collectors will be able to possess these artifacts and photos – pieces of another world – and play the role of fictitious archaeologists, uncovering new components of the Tarogramma cosmos as they develop.

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