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Axl, a decentralized exchange, supports the Ethereum and Binance smart chains. Users who have digital assets on both platforms can trade without moving platforms. This reduces running costs. Users can also switch between different blockchains.

AXL is the native currency of the AXL project. Lending and borrowing, as well as liquidity provisioning and yield farming, are all enabled. Although $Axls is the platform’s native money, it will also be used as a reward token. Cross-chain interoperability is allowed for the sake of convenience.

The project has announced the much-anticipated presale. Participants can purchase tokens worth $AXL. Users can buy $AXL for 0.00075 USD per unit during the presale. Only ETH and BNB are accepted in the presale. All $AXL purchased can only be accessed after the presale. The coin has a total quantity of 100 billion units, of which 25% will be available during the presale. The presale will be split into two sections, with the first slated to begin soon.

Users must first choose between ETH and BSC to participate in the presale. They must next deposit ETH or BNB into their MetaMask wallet. They can then trade AXL for ETH or BNB.

Users can also use the AXL platform’s in-house NFT platform to mint their own NFT or buy their favorite NFT. Up to 10,000 collectible characters, 20 ELONs, and 80 ZOMBIES are available in the AXL Inu ecosystem.

AXL will provide liquidity to market makers in the form of AXL tokens. Trading fees are frequently profitable for market makers. Smart contracts can be used to lock assets in a liquidity pool for a specified period. It’s possible to split a percentage of the income, transaction fees, interest from lenders, or governance tokens.

Token holders can earn rewards and transaction fees by staking their AXLs in staking pools. Four staking pools will be available after the presale, evenly split between the Ethereum and Binance Smart chains.

A DEX aggregator can help you get the best rate for your deals. A trader’s transaction is spread across multiple DEXes and the liquidity pool to get the best price.

Consumers benefit from the system’s decentralized nature in speed, automation, and security. Moreover, a variety of crypto companies will use the AXL launchpad to construct IDOs and distribute tokens. The ecosystem’s native currency, AXL tokens, will be required for the projects.

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