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FXT token provides a full-stack finance solution that enables the users to gain complete control over their assets. The platform provides a one-stop destination to store, exchange, trade, make vendor payments, and avail financial services in cryptocurrencies while surpassing cross-border regulatory restrictions.

The users can:

  • Directly participate in asset staking, lending, swapping, and other financial services.
  • Keep tabs on current transactions and view transaction history at a glance
  • Stay protected from duplicate payments and avoids any chargebacks

FXT utilizes smart contracting to its fullest potential and provides a comprehensive stage to avail of the following services:

Send/ Receive
Seamless peer-2-peer sending and receiving of crypto coins and tokens between different wallet address

We will be connected via API’s to some of the leading crypto platforms:

  • Swapping: the swapping module facilities exchanging one digital asset for another, without using fiat currency as an intermediary
  • Staking: stake crypto assets in investment liquidity pools and earn passive income
  • Lending: instantaneous lending crypto assets from peer-to-peer

FXT is a cryptocurrency of FxTradingmarkets, developed and perfected by a team of blockchain technology experts and strategic financial advisors around the world.

It is expected that the FXT Token will be synchronized into FxTradingmarkets at the end of February 2021. With this remarkable event, it will be a milestone in the development of FxTradingmarkets and FXT Token.

With the development of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, investing in this market is attracting a lot of investors, especially for those exchange platforms tokenizing themselves into cryptocurrency. For example, FXT token has:

  • Long-term vision: long-term investors (HODL) in FXT from the beginning of the ICO could have a high return rate of upto 1,000% as well as they are owning FxTradingmarkets’s shares
  • International market attention: FXT tokens have been traded on well-known cryptocurrency exchanges. With just one month of launch, the attention coming from the international market is affirming the righteousness of angel investors and attracting new individual investors. Currently, FXT is being traded on 3 exchanges: Bilaxy, Coinsbit and FatBTC.
  • Potentials: at the current development speed, FXT will be integrated across multiple exchanges, adding new potential projects and growing its capitalization.
  • Uniqueness: FxTradingmarkets is a famous Forex trading platform with a large number of investors. The FXT token’s Forex and Blockchain combination is impressive among the many cryptocurrency projects on the market. It can be said that FXT is a pioneer currency with this positioning
  • The FXT token project is being developed by following the reference of BNB coin. It was a very impressive and convincing project of Binance when BNB was first offered for $ 1 to investors in 2017, now the value has multiplied hundreds of times ($300 at the present), their assets should have also multiplied hundred times.


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