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Non-fungible Tokens, or NFTs as they’re known, have been destroying the crypto markets and gaining popularity. Although it has not received widespread acceptance, its use is growing by the day. In recent NFT news, convicted Silk Road chief Ross Ulbricht said he would begin flotation of his NFTs on December 2. Ulbricht’s Ross Ulbricht Genesis Collection will be sold, according to a tweet he made earlier today.

From December 2 to 8, the NFTs will be auctioned

According to additional data, the drop will take place on the well-known marketplace, Superare, and will run from December 2 through December 8. As stated in the essay, the NFTs were created by the Silk Road founder and minted into NFTs by some of his supporters. The NFTs are made up of numerous arts that Ulbricht created as a child and even after he was convicted and sentenced to prison.

The first few pieces were primarily hilarious drawings he created as a child, with the remainder consisting of bits and pieces from his court appearances and general art drawings.

According to the statement, all proceeds from the auction would be used to ensure that Ulbricht is released from custody. Some of the funds will also be donated to Art4Giving, a foundation dedicated to assisting incarcerated victims and their families.

Support for Ulbricht is split among Twitter users

After being convicted to prison in 2015, Ulbricht has been in the news for unpleasant and controversial reasons. Ulbricht was the founder of Silk Road, a dark web bazaar where most transactions were illegal. For example, since its inception in 2011, the marketplace has allowed all types of customers to access both legal and illicit goods as long as they can pay in the dominant digital currency, Bitcoin. Most people were taken aback by the Twitter update, as individuals have begun to take sides. While a minority percentage of the populace opposes Ulbricht, most people believe he should utilize it to get out of prison.

According to one user, while Ulbricht’s motivation for the auction is admirable, standardizing Ponzi NFTs is now overreaching because regulators must act. Others of the same mind believe that, while there are more immoral things to do, NFTs are a worse evil than the majority. Even many supporters of Bitcoin may oppose Ulbricht; some believe he was instrumental in promoting Bitcoin’s adoption in its early stages.

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