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Non-fungible tokens (NFT) are still causing havoc in the crypto world. These NFTs have set a new sales record of $43 billion in the last month alone. Moon is currently on fire, as it is the world’s first NFT Metaverse built solely on the Earth’s satellite. It was also created by, a game development business.

The Moon Metaverse has a ton of fascinating features that users and investors may make use of. First, the entire lunar surface is covered by 26,000 HEX virtual land plots, represented by NFTs. The Moon (MON) token can be used to buy, sell, rent, and develop as a player sees appropriate.

Second, users can create a brand new society on the Moon. For example, starting from the ground up and establishing mines and enterprises, real estate and infrastructure, and the governmental systems required to administer ‘Moon countries.’

There is also a play-to-earn system that pays top players to win competitions, add value to their countries, and outmaneuver competitors through wars, alliances, and superior economic performance. Moon will certainly rock the world of NFT with all of the fantastic features listed above.

Furthermore, the gameplay of Moon can be compared to a mix of strategy games like Age of Empires, Rise of Nations, and SimCity.

Furthermore, Moon land NFTs are a limited, non-replicable resource. Land holdings can be developed into viable economic, political, and military Moon countries, increasing the value of the users’ assets. Users can also employ a variety of complex game add-ons to help their lunar colonies flourish and succeed faster. As a result, the value of their holdings is fast expanding.

Moon, on the other hand, establishes itself as a one-of-a-kind Metaverse NFT in space. As a result, players can expect a lot of exciting things from the network. A slew of in-game NFTs is available to help players improve their performance, including extra oxygen supply, mining tools, moon-adapted digging equipment, and more.

Participating in mystery-solving competitions, journeying to the Moon’s dark side, and uncovering conspiracy theories provide additional rewards. Finally, the Moon can be used as a base for returning to Earth and other planets in the solar system, as well as beyond. As a result, it becomes a completely interplanetary Metaverse.

On the other hand, Moon is planned to launch at a highly favorable time, when NFTs are flying high. Furthermore, Moon is in a strong position to be one of the primary success stories in the Metaverse space due to all of the factors mentioned above.

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