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In recent years, extensive diploma fraud has been recorded in India, related to the country’s severe job market.

The Maharashtra State Board of Skill Development (MSBSD) has established a new blockchain verification method to ensure transparency for authentic qualifications in response to the growth in document counterfeiting. Despite the union government’s pending position on blockchain technology and digital currency, the MSBSD had to move on with the new system, described as the world’s largest educational blockchain system.

LegitDoc, an Indian blockchain business, recently partnered with the Maharashtra State government. Crossforge Solutions Pvt. Ltd. owns LegitDoc. Over eight academic years, their system has helped MSBSD students issue and validate over one million digital graduation certificates.

Each student receives a digital file called “certficate” from Legitdoc, which contains the actual PDF diploma certificate issued by MSBSD and the blockchain evidence file generated by the LegitDoc program. Students can share their unique “certficate” files with anyone who wants to check and establish their authenticity, such as employers, universities, and so forth. In addition, a unique fingerprint will be assigned to each PDF file.

The system will create a “condensed fingerprint” for each batch of certificates. Following this, the certificates will be uploaded to the blockchain and securely stored with the issuer instead of the public key. Every PDF generated by LegitDoc will also generate a unique proof file based on the blockchain.

The government hopes to gain the following benefits from the blockchain-powered credential system: certificate authentication can be done instantly from anywhere on the globe; only students will have complete ownership of their certificates; and the system will be a robust and scalable way to stop the threat of forgeries globally, including countries that lack the necessary infrastructure.

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