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The Indian department of indirect taxes looks into how it can require overseas cryptocurrency exchanges to pay taxes.

India, which is closely followed and frequently controversial, has yet to establish a definitive legal framework for cryptocurrencies. Still, according to recent reports, the department of indirect taxes is plotting an unpleasant surprise for foreign crypto exchanges.

The department above indirect taxes, which should have already begun investigating whether overseas crypto exchanges will be required to pay Goods and Services Tax, will be on the lookout for this unpleasant surprise.

Given the contentious nature of the subject, numerous experts speculated that the Indian Tax Department would classify such services as an online information database access and retrieval (OIDAR) service. According to the existing OIDAR laws, any digital or data services are given to Indian citizens should be taxed.

If such a policy were to become law, most crypto exchanges would almost certainly be required to pay an 18 percent GST on all transactions.

This would result in a massive infusion of revenue into the state budget. Also, remember the newest data, which suggests that investments in cryptocurrencies from this country have surged by an amazing 19,900% last year.

According to Chainalysis, total cryptocurrency investment in India has increased from $ 200 million to $ 40 billion last year. Another significant discovery is the estimated 15 million Indians who deal in cryptocurrency.

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