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Despite a 40% decline in revenue in the last month, Axie Infinity provides fresh experiences to its users. For example, they will soon be able to participate in the AXS token staking program as well as a large-scale airdrop.

The exponential rise of the play-to-earn game Axie Infinity, which became a hit in the Philippines, stalled in September, and the project’s revenue dropped by about 40% from August 2021. This was the first time the indicator had dropped since January of this year.

The game about virtual monster combat has earned 64,933.71 ETH in the last month, comparable to $215.57 million at the current Ethereum exchange rate on Huobi. However, Axie World, which collects statistics for the game, Axie Infinity managed to “mine” a much more remarkable $342 million a month earlier, in August 2021. The 3,000-fold increase in indicators over the previous year appears remarkable, but it is only 10% of the previous month’s rate.

According to Token Terminal, Axie’s monthly income in blockchain-based applications is second only to Ethereum at $830 million. To put it another way, virtual monsters have easily overcome DeFi market behemoths like Curve, Aave, and SushiSwap.

The AXS token’s worth never fails to surprise its owners pleasantly. Of course, it, like other altcoins, sags with the market, but the dynamics are incredible overall. After all, it’s worth 14,000 percent more now than it was last year!

On CoinMarketCap, the currency managed to reach a new high of $117.03 just a few hours ago. Before then, the asset’s last all-time high occurred before China imposed a complete ban on cryptocurrency trading.

Remember that the developers already announced the debut of the AXS staking program, which allows players to stake current assets and begin receiving rewards within a day of the process beginning. This is done to guarantee that users from all regions are treated equally when it comes to receiving prizes.

The Axie Infinity team also decided to conduct a big 800,000 AXS airdrop between 10,000 players as a thank you to early community members, which is equivalent to $88.86 million at Huobi’s current token rate.

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