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Alchemy has announced that it will support StarkNet, resulting in much cheaper gas expenses. StarkNet employs ZK-rollup, which provides much better throughput while lowering gas costs by up to 100 times that of Layer-1 systems.

On the other hand, ZK-rollups allow StarkNet to offer the same decentralization, security, and composability as Ethereum-based networks while having cheaper gas prices and higher throughput.

Taking use of Alchemy’s platform infrastructure

StarkNet intends to use Alchemy’s Proprietary Platform Infrastructure technology suite to entice more developers to join the chain. This includes Alchemy’s Supernode, which scales every piece of node functionality and dedicated distributed systems and other essential developer products, including debugging systems, real-time transaction analysis tools, and a new NFT API.

ZK-Roll-Ups: What You Need to Know

Layer-2 solutions allow a big batch of transactions to be processed outside of Ethereum’s main chain, after which it writes a record of the transactions to Ethereum regularly. While StarkNet is not the first startup to employ roll-ups, it has garnered substantial attention due to the usage of “zero knowledge proofs,” or ZKs. ZK enables the validation of certain facts without revealing any personal information.

A Solution to Web3’s Problems

Starknet’s use of validity and ZK-rollups may provide a solution to Web3’s difficulties, allowing for increased scalability by grouping transactions off-chain and then completing the verification on-chain at a fraction of the cost. On the other hand, validity roll-ups use validity proofs, which can instantaneously validate the validity of transactions, as opposed to other scaling options.

This dramatically boosts throughput while retaining Layer 1 and Layer 2 compatibility and security. The StarkNet transactions are also expected to cut energy consumption dramatically.

A Significant Turning Point

Alchemy users may now use low-cost StarkNet tools and development services thanks to the interface between Alchemy and StarkNet. According to Alchemy Product Manager Mike Garland, this might have a big impact on Web3 app development. Immutable is hoping to deploy StarkNet in addition to Alchemy to make its transaction-heavy processes more economical for consumers.

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