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Rarible has announced that the Tezos blockchain has been successfully incorporated. After Ethereum and Flow, Rarible now supports Tezos as the third blockchain.

While merging with three pioneering blockchains is a significant accomplishment in and of itself, Rarible is already planning other integrations that will allow users to access a diverse range of collections, artists, and communities.

Low-cost gas allows you to make energy-efficient NFTs

In a blog post, Rarible announced the connection, noting that it will let users make, purchase, and sell energy-efficient NFTs for as little as a few cents. In addition, Tezos uses a Proof-of-Stake consensus process, which makes transactions substantially cheaper, quicker, and more efficient than Ethereum, the most widely used public blockchain.

Tezos has gained a lot of momentum in the sphere of NFTs in gaming and art because of the properties of its blockchain. However, Tezos also has several characteristics that have aided in developing a thriving NFT ecosystem, as Rarible pointed out.

Drop for the Community Only

Rarible has also made a unique Tezos community drop called Blazing Futures available on its website. Through 10 distinct interpretations of the same, the drop, selected by Diane Drubay, looks into the future of art, crypto, and society. Well-known Tezos designers developed the works, and each design was limited to 10 copies.

The artists featured on the release are Alex Crouwers, Portrait XO, Memo Akten, The Bad Lament, Des Lucrece, and others.

The Ubisoft Collaboration

Tezos has gotten a lot of attention from big brands and corporations because of its low costs, great performance, and little carbon footprint. Ubisoft, the French gaming juggernaut, is one of the firms that has taken advantage of Tezos. As part of the deal, Ubisoft will release Quartz, which allows players to buy in-game NFTs called Digits.

With Rarible’s connection with Tezos, the latter will facilitate Digits secondary sales. Digits are essentially limited editions made up of various goods that can represent assets like cars, weapons, and equipment.

Getting Ahead Of The Competition

Tezos joins Ethereum and Flow as the third blockchain supported by Rarible, with Ethereum and Flow being the first two. The three together form the foundation for its NFT marketplace. OpenSea, its closest rival, only supports Ethereum and Polygon.

Rarible has also announced that it is considering further integrations to launch a major cross-chain initiative.

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