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The Swiss watchmaker has developed a smartwatch feature that lets users show off their NFT collection.

NFT designs by luxury brands

As non-fungible tokens (NFTs) continue to increase in popularity, more companies are incorporating them into their products. While some companies (like Nestle, eBay, and others) are introducing their own NFT collections, others are designing goods and services that use these tokens (e.g., Johnnie Walker). TAG Heuer, a high-end watchmaker, falls under the latter type. It has recently created a function for a smartwatch line that allows users to show NFTs from their collections.

The functionality will also provide verified confirmation of token ownership. The firm also emphasizes its in-house development team, working on applications and watch faces that feature the brand’s design language. Some design and functionality adjustments were implemented after in-depth conversations with “blue chip” NFT communities such as the BAYC, Cryptopunks, CLONE-X, and World of Women.

NFTs and photographs will be shown on a smartwatch

On June 15, the firm introduced this upgrade to the Connected Calibre E4 series. According to the release, AG Heuer introduces a new approach to bringing these rich and extremely coveted artworks into the real world. They can now be worn on your wrist with a confirmed certificate of ownership for the first time. The TAG Heuer Connected Calibre E4 lets you show NFT artworks on your wrist while also ensuring their legitimacy by linking your crypto wallet.

The Ledger and Metamask wallets will be supported by the Calibre E4 series and may be synchronized to the watch through the owner’s smartphone to show the collections. Both JPEG and GIF NFTs can be shown in a hexagonal frame on the watch face.

TAG Heuer has selected a collection of personal photographs and images that may be shown on the watch.

Web3 expansion by TAG Heuer

The brand’s ambition to expand its digital environment sparked the feature. TAG Heuer, like some other luxury businesses, has moved beyond NFTs and embraced other features of Web3. The firm partnered with Bitpay, a crypto payments service provider, only a few weeks ago. The company was able to accept crypto payments for its items through online sales in the United States due to this relationship. The company’s CEO has also claimed that the brand would collaborate with other Web3 firms in the future.

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