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NFT marketplaces have seen enormous growth in the previous three months, one of them approaching $10 billion in sales.

The Non-Fungible Token (NFT) sector is becoming a record-setting area of the crypto industry, with new ceilings destroyed with nearly every transaction.

In just three months, NFT sales have increased by nearly 400%

According to available data from the previous three months, the area has experienced a 400% increase in sales, with one NFT marketplace on track to sell $10 billion worth of tokens.

According to statistics from’s historical market, over 1 million NFT tokens were sold between July 27 and for a total of almost $2.1 billion at an average price of $1,823.

According to, Open sea, Axie Infinity, Cryptopunks, Mochi Marketplace, and NBA Top Shot are the top five favored markets for NFT traders.

It was discovered that OpenSea retains the market leader, with plans to sell $10 billion worth of NFT tokens.

With $2.75 billion in trade volume, Axie Infinity is the next in line. The blockchain-based game has more traders on its platform than OpenSea, which is an interesting feature of the data. According to the data, the gaming platform has over 1 million dealers, while OpenSea has roughly 600,000.

Cryptopunks, for example, has almost $1.5 billion in sales from just 5,157 merchants. The average asking price on this marketplace is above $80,000, which is noteworthy.

Another fascinating marketplace in the top 5 is the Binance smart chain-based NFT marketplace, Mochi, which has already witnessed over $700 million in sales despite its relative newness, according to DappRadar statistics.

This figure is even more intriguing because the number of traders on the platform is still far lower than that of Cryptopunks, with only 4,271 traders on the Mochi marketplace.

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