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After a teaser tweet, Polygon has introduced two new services for its platform, including mobile burning capabilities for $MATIC tokens and a whole new Polygon Token Lists service.

According to the company, the new capabilities for Polygon’s wallet suite were “inspired by comments and recommendations” from the community.

Polygon quickly followed up with an integrated build of the MATIC burn console for their mobile app following this teaser tweet. The MATIC burn console released a few weeks ago is now available for Polygon’s mobile wallet suite, replete with a new UI to give customers a smooth and straightforward experience.

Polygon explains,

“Burning MATIC tokens is an amazing way to help contribute to the MATIC ecosystem, and by our estimates we may burn around 0.27% of total supply per year,”

The deflationary properties of Polygon’s MATIC tokens will cause more tokens to be burned, bringing the protocol’s ecosystem into equilibrium. Because token burns and smart contract implementations for executing it are in place to ensure that gas prices do not vary over a set, feasible threshold, this will also result in improved forecasts in terms of gas pricing.

According to Polygon, validators and delegators would also receive greater offerings due to MATIC’s deflationary nature, which means that tokens supplied in return for their services will gain more value over time.

Polygon users may now utilize the Polygon Token Lists to look for reputable token investment possibilities, while token producers can use the platform to visible the crypto market they intend to service. Users only need to utilize Polygon Bridge and pick their preferred tokens from the “Manage Token Lists” option.

Polygon previously discussed how the EIP-1559 proposal also resulted in the MATIC token burning mechanism. Polygon has also detailed how Polygon Hermez and Polygon Miden would aid in pushing its protocol to new scalability heights.

With this new round of upgrades, Polygon also allows users to monitor their deposits and withdrawals on the Polygon Bridge, the third most popular decentralized application on the Ethereum blockchain.

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