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PhoenixDAO Events dApp Launch

The decentralized application by PhoenixDAO for the events industry is bringing true digitalization and decentralization in the sector. 

Even with online ticket generation and allocation, entities involved in the event ecosystem face numerous issues including identity management, ineffective tracking of ticket usage, lack of transparency from third-party sellers, fake tickets, unethical buying, and much more. 

As a natural fit to this dilemma, the integration of Blockchain in the events industry is becoming a prominent synergy, and the events dApp by PhoenixDAO is helping this synergy become mainstream. Visit PhoenixDAO Events Marketplace to create an event now.

What Is PhoenixDAO

The PhoenixDAO, at its core, is a decentralized ecosystem. 

What makes PhoenixDAO different is the inclusion of digital identities. Any application built on top of the PhoenixDAO platform will be powered by this digital identity system, facilitating a truly digitized environment. 

This community-led platform has 3 critical offerings for the users. 

Firstly the DAO platform allows the users or the community to enjoy exposure to a global platform. Users can bring their innovation on the platform and connect with the community to get funding through grants. This platform creates the possibility of an unbiased ecosystem governed by a diversified and decentralized community. 

Secondly the identity protocol allows the creation and management of digital identities.

Thirdly the possibility for the users to use or develop next-gen decentralized applications leveraging the PhoenixDAO platform. 

The PhoenixDAO DApp World

Contrary to the hard fork trend in the crypto and DeFi market, PhoenixDAO is a custom-built DAO which is why the dApp store powered by this DAO brings its own sets of characteristics in the market.

Further, the platform itself is powered by its native token, PHNX, which allows the development of comprehensive dApps as the payment leg of the dApps can be accomplished through the exchange of these tokens. 

The new addition to the PhoenixDAO dApp family is an event dApp. 

Events Marketplace DApp By PhoenixDAO

The events dApp by PhoenixDAO has brought forward a new dimension in the events industry, one equipped with trust and transparency. 

With the unprecedented growth of the event industry expected to grow even further in the coming years, it is imperative to combat the drawbacks in this industry for a smooth experience both for the attendees as well as the organizers. 

The PhoenixDAO Events Marketplace dApp works in the following way:

  1. It is designed to leverage the digital identity feature of the PhoenixDAO for issuing the tickets to the users through their digital identity only, reducing the friction involved in authenticating a person’s identity traditionally.
  2. The in-app purchases and even the tickets of events created by the dApp can be bought through the native currency of the platform, PHNX. 
  3. Being built on a community-led platform, the events dApp will evolve constantly. This leads to a high probability of having a solution for every situation that might occur as the role of community promotes innovation for a brighter future as PhoenixDAO plans to issue an NFT marketplace in Q4 2021. 
  4. The underlying custom-built DAO provides a unique environment for the dApp to grow. 

Having such capabilities, the PhoenixDAO events dApp is streamlining the process of event creation and management. Anyone from anywhere who wants to create an event on the dApp can simply enter the standard fields such as event location, time, place, and category, among other fields. 

The event can also be defined as FREE or Paid as per the requirement of the creator. 

The future possibilities, such as the addition of NFTs, add further value. Therefore, the events dApp by PhoenixDAO is the next big thing the decentralized events industry

Source: CryptoDaily

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