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On the Alonzo Purple testnet, Cardano is as near as it can get to launch a smart contract.

Cardano Alonzo has finally entered a test magenta phase, according to research firm IOHK, which started with blue and continued with white. This stage is critical in the rollout of smart contracts on the world’s largest Proof of Ownership blockchain.

All Plutus Pioneer Project participants, stock pool operators, and stock exchanges will be allowed to join the Alonzo Purple testnet because it is entirely open. However, Alonzo Purple, Alonzo Blue, and Alonzo White are limited to 50 and 500 users.

In mid-August, the actual date for the hard fork merger will be announced. The Alonzo hard fork is planned to go live on the mainnet at the beginning of September, following various milestones.

Cardano’s final stage will be Alonzo Purple, to enable smart contract development in the Plutus programming language on the blockchain network.

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