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OKEx, one of the world’s most popular cryptocurrency exchanges, has announced the debut of DeFi Dashboard and its own NFT platform for storing, purchasing, and selling non-fungible tokens. Both products are part of the DeFi Hub decentralized asset management system.

The OKEx NFT Marketplace is a comprehensive platform for people looking to buy, sell, or present personally generated non-fungible tokens to the world. Clients of the crypto exchange will be able to purchase and sell NFTs and store them in their collections, thanks to the platform. Furthermore, without paying an additional commission to OKEx, you will be able to mince your NFT with a defined royalty. The exchange has decided to focus solely on the NFT’s writers’ commission to the miners who process their transactions on the Ethereum network. Users will be able to import NFTs from systems that the OKEx supports. OKExChain, for example.

NFT, according to OKEx, has ushered in a paradigm shift in the arts and entertainment industry, allowing fans to support their favorite creators while also allowing creators to monetize their works in the form of single non-fungible tokens or entire NFT collections created in limited quantities to preserve greater value. DeFi Hub will speed the integration of intangible tokens through the NFT marketplace, according to OKEx Director Lennix Lai, reinforcing the company’s commitment to preserving the rights of varied content creators by providing them with a monetary incentive to sell artwork through OKEx.

To use DeFi Hub, customers must first connect their crypto wallet. The OKEx Wallet was also introduced this summer and is now available on the official mobile app of the cryptocurrency exchange.

DeFi Hub provides consumers with a simple way to track and manage their decentralized personal assets. To do this, the dashboard will now show a single client portfolio in the form of a list of assets in his portfolio, as well as a separate gallery containing NFT-format art pieces. Such a step, according to Lai, allowed for visible improvements in the presentation of users’ digital currency portfolios, allowing them to become more participatory.

OKEx earlier declared its intention to spend $10 million in another promising crypto market, the GameFi-segment, in the form of play-to-earn games. The most well-known example of this “genre” is Axie Infinity.

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