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On May 16, 2022, Winamp, a media player for Microsoft Windows, will auction off its nostalgic skin. After that, 20 NFTs inspired by the original skin will be offered individually by other digital artists.

To reinvigorate the trade label, Winamp joins a growing list of historic companies grabbed by the NFT wave, including the antiquated gaming corporation Atari.

The Winamp Foundation, which aims to assist musicians all across the globe to produce music they enjoy, will auction off a 1:1 NFT edition of its renowned late-90s skin. From May 16 through May 22, the NFT will be accessible on OpenSea.

On May 23, a total of 20 NFT derivatives will be released. The NFT artists will provide the derivatives, which should be based on the Winamp skin. Submissions began earlier this week and will continue until April 15.

On May 18, the Winamp team, including scientists, will declare the winning works.

Selected artists will get 20% of the proceeds from the initial sale of their NFTs. Nineteen works will be sold in 100-copy editions, while the remaining ones will be offered in 97-copy editions. All NFTs will be sold for 0.08 Ethereum, around $200.

Furthermore, the artists will get 10% of any royalties earned on secondary or subsequent sales. The remaining 80% of the proceeds from the initial sale will go to charity, including Winamp’s first partner Music Fund.

NFT customers will receive a blockchain token connected to a picture of either the traditional skin or one of the variants, according to Thierry Ascarez, Winamp’s Head of Business Development. Buyers can “copy, reproduce, and display” the photograph while not holding the copyright.

As specified in the terms and conditions, the selected artists must agree to transfer all intellectual property rights for their production to Winamp.

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