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Mining on a MacBook Air isn’t going to make a lot of profit. If you want to do cryptocurrency mining at a professional level, then consider assembling a farm or buying an ASIC.

However, this option also takes place if the goal is to earn a little extra money or try yourself in working with cryptocurrencies. It will not work to mine Bitcoin in this way. The difficulty of mining this coin is too high. Even if you mine at full capacity around the clock, you will be able to earn a few cents at best. In this case, the equipment will wear out at an unimaginable rate due to overheating.

How to mine cryptocurrencies on Mac

Numerous altcoins are available for mining on the MacBook Air. Today there are over 9,000 cryptocurrencies other than BTC ; of course, not all of them are mined using the Proof-of-Work algorithm, but the choice is still extensive. You can’t earn millions on altcoins either, but you can count on a few dollars or tens of dollars a month. Examples of cryptocurrencies that are not demanding on equipment:

  • Currency (XMR)
  • Ethereum Classic (ETC)
  • Ravencoin (RVN)

It is also worth considering staking . A large number of coins can be mined on absolutely any equipment, simply by keeping a certain amount of funds in a software wallet.

How to start mining on MacBook Air

It is believed that the easiest way for a beginner to start mining cryptocurrency is using the multifunctional Minergate platform. Its software has a lightweight graphical interface. In addition, the system automatically selects the most profitable mining algorithm at the moment.

Setting up includes just a few steps:

  1. Register on the site.
  2. Download software for your operating system.
  3. Open the program, the “Miner” tab.
  4. Choose cryptocurrencies.
  5. Select the number of processor cores to be used.
  6. Start mining.

Minergate also has a built-in wallet to store the cryptocurrency you mine. Using its address, you can send and receive various assets. Although, for security purposes, you can withdraw funds to another wallet.

There is a large selection of different storage wallets. Software is handy, but if you’re looking for maximum security then consider hardware devices.

How not to ruin your laptop

When you have been mining for a long time, the MacBook Air may not be able to handle the heat generated. It may even start shutting down to avoid damaging internal components.

To prevent this, it is recommended to use the smcFanControl software. It allows the fan to speed up and cool the MacBook to the optimum temperature (50-55 ° C). The default setting is 2155 rpm. Can be increased to 5927 rpm. Please note that this will make the computer more noisy. It is considered optimal to set the value to 4000 rpm.

Is it possible to mine Ethereum on a MacBook Air

In May 2021, Yifan Gu, a software engineer at Zensors, wrote on his blog: “I have owned a MacBook Air M1 for a while now and recently started mining Ethereum. I can’t help but ask myself: what is the performance of Ethereum mining on Mac M1? “

It took some effort to get the Ethminer software used to mine Ether to run on the Apple M1 chip. Some C / C ++ programming skills are required. Gu was able to get it to work in the end, but it’s clearly not the most efficient GPU for mining. With a hash rate of 2 MH / s, M1 profit per day is only about $ 0.14. At this rate, it will take almost twenty years to break even (and this is provided that the rate does not fall much). 


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