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MinerLand, as a leading cloud mining website, got its start at the end of 2019, when its founders were working in the IT and bitcoin mining industries. Then, in the middle of 2020, they started a global cloud mining business. They devised the concept of mining arbitrage as a helpful service. This is based on Adam Hayes’ University of Wisconsin article, “The Decision to Produce Altcoins: Miners’ Arbitrage in Cryptocurrency Markets.” They then used AI to create the first mining arbitrage platform. As well as building up a global supply of hashing power via decentralized mining farms. Blockchain technology is incredibly intriguing and has a lot of potentials.

As a result, they sought to build their own AI cloud mining system and act beyond human capabilities. The AI assesses the return on investment for a specific quantity of coins, then selects the most profitable cryptocurrency to mine at a given time, switching the mining facilities in your favor.

MinerLand’s tagline is “trust in genius,” and they sincerely believe in AI mining arbitrage to be one of the greatest bitcoin mining websites in 2021.

Why is Minerland the best cryptocurrency mining platform?

Your money-making journey with a top crypto mining platform begins when you decide to become a MinerLand customer. You may benefit from MinerLand as a leading cloud mining service provider even if you have a job, operate a business, or have no vocation.

You may become a bitcoin miner with just a few clicks and a small investment. You will be provided with the most advanced cloud mining center, along with a panel that allows you to monitor your mined BTC and transfers it to your bitcoin wallet daily. The user-friendly platform gives you good value for money hashing power and a high rate of return on investment.

Furthermore, as a free bitcoin generator, a cryptocurrency affiliate scheme will offer you more cash. The more people you bring into the system, the more points you get. In the bitcoin cloud mining packages, points can be transferred.

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