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Owning a piece of this NFT collection grants access to real-world valuable assets including 10% of Singapore Electric Vehicles (SEV) shares as well as a number of physical objects.

MetaReserve, a decentralized reserve currency protocol, has announced the launch of its BYD-themed Non-Fungible Token (NFT) collection. The MetaReserve NFT collection will be hosted on the platform’s MetaMarket, its own version of the digital collectibles marketplace that is built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) protocol.

The emergence of MetaReserve is a move targeted at changing the narrative as it relates to what is obtainable in the broader Web3.0 and metaverse ecosystem. MetaReserve seeks to foster the tenets of decentralization, granting room for revolutionary ideas through its DAO model and by doing so, return power to its fast-growing community.

Features, Perks, and Benefits of the MetaReserve BYD NFT Collection

The MetaReserve BYD NFT is a collection of 2,400 unique digital collectibles comprising 1200 pieces of BYD E6 NFTs and 1200 pieces of BYD M3E NFTs.

BYD is a Chinese automaker and one of the largest manufacturers of EV tech with sales in over 50 countries. Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc (NYSE: BRK.A) has 8.2% of BYD shares, which is more than its holdings of General Motors (NYSE: GM). Since BYD’s inception in 1995, the company has charted a good growth path to become one of China’s largest privately-owned enterprises and a trailblazer in rechargeable battery technology in over 50 countries and regions. BYD builds and develops a sustainable future by creating a Zero Emissions Energy Ecosystem consisting of affordable solar power generation, reliable energy storage, and cutting-edge electrified transportation.

Owning a piece of this NFT collection grants access to real-world valuable assets including 10% of Singapore Electric Vehicles (SEV) shares as well as a number of physical objects. Besides the peg to SEV shares, users will also be granted access to limited edition physical products, as well as invitations to exclusive events, and VIP passes to real-life and virtual experiences.

There has been the proliferation of NFT collections across a number of chains today, and many only promise features and values that hardly come to materialize over time. MetaReserve has arguably come to change the narrative and it seeks to be the ideal arena for influencers and brands, some of which it has started partnering with.

As a dedicated member of the MetaReserve platform, the protocol aims to airdrop free NFTs on its Discord channel in due course, with modalities scheduled to be announced in the near future.

About the MetaMarket

MetaMarket is currently projected as an NFT marketplace that can provide the needed competition to OpenSea. Per the marketplace’s model, users can buy, sell, and auction their desired NFTs, creating related utility and value that can make it stand out amongst prominent competitors in the space.

“They are in fact strategic partners as we’re looking to launch NFTs and to build games/facilities in the metaverse,” said Oliver Maratos (Oli), Chief Executive Officer of MetaReserve, talking about the need to onboard celebrities in sports and other unique aspects of Web3.0. “We do have the capabilities, capacity, and financial strength to develop the metaverse, we see this as essential because it is a race, and we want to win. With the concept of what we’re building, bringing innovations, bringing you “Play To Earn” games, a virtual world to meet some of your favorite celebrities, virtual concerts, it is going to be exciting.”

The MetaMarket is already off to a good start with the BYD NFT just one of the many projects it has earmarked to list in the near to long term.


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