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MetaPax is a live-streaming network that seeks to take reality and the metaverse to the next level. The platform uses smart glasses and other similar technologies to increase immersion and involvement in the live streaming space.

In the live streaming platform ecosystem, there will be two sorts of users: Paxers and Beholders. The audience – referred to as ‘Beholders’ – hires MetaPax live streamers, referred to as ‘Paxers,’ to complete certain jobs.

Beholders can delegate mundane tasks such as purchasing flowers for a loved one, picking up groceries, or even placing an order. On the other hand, they can delegate complex jobs such as employing a Paxer as a tour guide, attending conferences, or providing remote advice, among other things. Furthermore, Beholders can remark on and oversee Paxers for actions that require human control or management.

The smart glasses and other wearable devices used by Paxers, on the other hand, are distinctive features of MetaPax. Beholders can hire Paxers and experience the duties from a first-person perspective using these devices. As a result, the platform gives the live streaming experience a new degree of immersion and interactivity.

Paxers have complete control over how they monetize their activities. They can establish a fee for specific jobs – whether fixed or hourly – and choose from various monetization options. Subscription, pay-per-stream, and free streams with a donation model are all options. Once the tasks are accomplished, MetaPax debits the funds from the Beholder’s account.

Every transaction on MetaPax necessitates the usage of the platform’s utility token, the MTP token. Any transaction on the platform, such as employing Paxers, giving donations, or paying broadcasting expenses, incurs a 20% fee.

Additionally, auto staking will be added to the MetaPax platform in the future. MTP tokens will be awarded to each token saved in personal accounts monthly. The greater the APR on staking, the more transactions on the platform. MetaPax was constructed on the Velas EVM/eBPF hybrid blockchain, which has a throughput of over 50,000 TPS.

The MetaPax team intends to build their team, do technical testing, file patent applications, complete their website and white paper, and host their token’s private sale by Q1 of 2022.

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