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Max Keiser, as known as Bitcoin Evangelist, has spoken out against Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), stating that the introduction of CBDCs demonstrates that governments do not care about the people.

Keiser spoke at the Labitconf Bitcoin Conference in El Salvador about the role central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) might play in our society’s monetary future and the implications for Bitcoin.

CBDCs, according to the Bitcoin evangelist, is simply a re-creation of fiat and would only give Central Banks more surveillance power.

CBDCs, according to Keiser, is simply a re-creation of the current fiat money system, only worse. It’s completely centralized, and it provides the government with more monitoring powers. Money will no longer be able to be saved.

He pointed out that the power CBDCs would provide Central Banks and governments would jeopardize people’s privacy and freedom around the world.

Max Keiser explains why Bitcoin is superior to CBDC

While speaking, Max Keiser praised Bitcoin for being ideally positioned to allow citizens to save and spend when and as they see fit. This, he noted, was in contrast to any benefits a CBDC would provide.

While promoting Bitcoin, Keiser argued that the cryptocurrency fosters peaceful resistance and a free society. He believes Bitcoin can usher in a more inclusive and egalitarian financial system that does not discriminate between users.

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