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LunaFi Crash, a gamified and fair initial DEX (IDO) and liquidity creation event, has been launched by LunaFi, a decentralized betting protocol.

LunaFi Crash is a betting platform-based cryptocurrency game. Players may bet on when a rocket will crash, determined by conclusive random smart contracts. Users may earn LFI, the protocol’s native asset, in exchange for ETH.

The protocol intends to overcome many conventional gaming issues, such as fiat deposit issues and a lack of transparency in platform operations. LunaFi allows users to supply liquidity and comparable betting house features, allowing them to profit from the protocol’s betting activity.

Any user can join the LunaFi network and supply liquidity for bettors looking to profit from the protocol’s house edge. Furthermore, all bets have maximum reward transparency due to open smart contracts and decentralized oracles reporting each event’s results.

Furthermore, liquidity providers and bettors can use BTC, ETH, USDC, or LFI. The risk is concentrated on the bet rather than the platform.

LunaFi recognizes the need to build a unique bet mining and rewards mechanism. This helps establish early liquidity while compensating bettors by reducing the house edge with LFI awards first.

The procedure continues with treasury contracts, where 1.5 percent of the betting turnover is collected. This percentage is then automatically converted to LFI on the DEX before a portion of the token is burned.

George Porchester, formally known as Lord Porchester, is the CEO and Founder of LunaFi. He leads a team of professionals in the development of the company. Porchester uses his significant experience as a former professional gambler and serial entrepreneur to help others.

The essential point is that, in the spirit of DeFi, gamers now have the opportunity to own a piece of the ecosystem they are a part of. This is why we make it possible for everyone to become the house and passively generate money.

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