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Lionel Messi, one of the world’s best and most popular soccer players, has agreed to promote the crypto business, which creates fan tokens for sports fans, in a $20 million contract.

Lionel Messi has teamed up with

Messi has joined a lengthy number of well-known players, like LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers and Tom Brady of the New England Patriots in the NFL, in participating in some form of crypto campaign that has seen their pay skyrocket. This is another evidence that the borders between the crypto and sports worlds are merging like crazy, and the two are becoming inextricably linked in ways that no one could have predicted.

Last August, Messi relocated from Barcelona to Paris Saint-German. Prior to his participation in the Qatar World Cup, which took place three months later in November 2021, the Argentine player began taking crypto payments. While the athlete will not get any cryptocurrency payments as part of this new arrangement, his face and image will be utilized for promotional purposes, and he is expected to earn a substantial sum of money for his involvement in the crypto firm’s advertising and marketing activities over the following three years.

Messi stated in a statement:

Fans deserve to be recognized for their support. They deserve opportunities to influence the teams they love. exists to enhance the fan experience, to enable fans to ‘be more.’ I’m proud to join’s mission to create a more connected and rewarding future for fans around the world. has struck agreements with over 130 professional sportsmen and sports organizations from across the world, including PSG, Barca, Juventus, and Manchester City. The company’s goal is to provide fan tokens for affiliated clubs and athletes. As a result, those who buy the tokens have a little investment in the companies and teams that the tokens represent, which gives them voting rights and other benefits.

Players increasingly see crypto as a new way to raise revenue and contribute to their total worth, and more collaborations like this are springing up in the sports world. While some fans have condemned the tokens’ debut as just cosmetic, they remain popular among most sports fans and continue to attract new sponsorships.

Sports and cryptocurrency are merging into one

Apart from fan tokens, numerous players have already insisted on earning partial crypto compensation for their on-field labor or converting their wages into bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Russell Okung, a former Carolina Panthers player, is credited with starting this style.

Okung stunned the world in early 2021 when he stated that he would be converting about half of his $13 million annual football paycheck to crypto, dubbing it “future money.”

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