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Likvidi, a sustainable financing firm, announced a strategic investment and relationship with Israeli startup Albo Climate on Thursday.

The two companies have partnered to establish ‘Veriforest,’ a new global digital registry forestry platform that will allow small landowners (small-scale farmers) and medium-sized forest administrators (firms that administer lands and forests) to access carbon offset markets.

Due to prohibitively high transaction, monitoring, and reporting expenses, such landowners have been unable to participate in the carbon credit market.

As a result, the global digital registry forestry platform lowers obstacles to entering the carbon offset markets for small landowners and midsize forest managers. Millions of such landowners will be able to commit to preserving their land’s history for future generations thanks to the platform.

Albo Climate uses artificial intelligence (AI) to map, quantify, and monitor carbon sequestration and scale-up carbon removal using satellite images.

Agriculture and forestry are both sources of greenhouse gas emissions. The good news is that forest landowners may create carbon offsets through various methods, including new afforestation and replanting programs. This guarantees land use benefits livelihoods, food security, the economy, environmental restoration, development goals, and climate aims.

To this end, Likvidi and Albo have established a global technology-enabled carbon sequestration platform (removal). This worldwide platform gives small-scale forest landowners access to the international carbon market by implementing agroforestry projects for carbon sequestration through biomass growth, mostly through trees, as monitored by satellite monitoring.

The platform aids in the startup and growth of such agroforestry projects, as well as the subsequent trading of the so-called “carbon removal units (CRUs)” created by the stored carbon.

Landowners can acquire a real-time value estimate of how much cash their forest assets potentially earn in the voluntary carbon market once the new platform is launched.

Landowners who want to register their forest or land holdings on the digital registry platform will be able to lock in multi-year payments for the carbon offsets generated by purchasers looking to reduce their carbon footprint. The digital platform is free to use for landowners.

Veriforest blends blockchain with Albo’s satellite and AI capabilities to precisely monitor forestland carbon sequestration, making carbon credits more palpable than ever.

As a result, Veriforest has developed an end-to-end system that provides people and businesses with tokenized carbon credits for offset.

As a result of the new agreement, wooded areas may now be assessed for carbon storage and credit issuance and documented in the Veriforest registration platform in a timely and accurate manner. The Veriforest technology can grow to meet the demand for carbon-related data measures and provide carbon credits to the market faster than current techniques.

Albo Climate, an Israeli business, has developed ground-breaking technology for estimating carbon stocks and sequestration. Its AI system analyzes satellite photos and validates carbon credits for forestry projects worldwide using patented Deep Learning algorithms. Sensors aboard satellites may scan vegetation and take up information that isn’t apparent to the human eye.

Albo’s technology combines artificial intelligence (AI) with ground truth statistics to provide a detailed profile of carbon storage across a large region. Both modest and large-scale initiatives can benefit from the examination.

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