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Firo developers temporarily deactivate Lelantus protocol due to suspicious  transactions - World Stock Market

Undertaking chief Reuben Yap said the private coin examination group, Firo, has distinguished many “irregular” Lelantus exchanges. Accordingly, the engineers empowered crisis mode to briefly incapacitate Lelantus, giving them more opportunity to research and distinguish the issue.

The Lelantus convention was dispatched in mid-January 2021. It presents “default” protection and prompts clients to anonymize their assets with the objective of guaranteeing exchanges sent with Firo wallets are consistently private. private.

  • “Our core team is working with several parties, including engineers from Trail of Bits (who audited our Lelantus cryptographic library), Sarang Noether (cryptographer) and a black hat to identify the issue. We have made significant progress in narrowing down the cause and are working on a proof-of-concept code to verify that what we’ve found is the core issue before resuming Lelantus functionality. Our team is also determining a plan to restore Lelantus functionality with minimum impact.”

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