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NFTs, represented by a line of code and a picture, may not appear fascinating at first, but they are revolutionizing the way we gather and show art and media. Avatars are by far the most popular NFTs, according to CoinMarketCap. These are small images of characters often used as profile pictures on social media sites like Twitter. NFT PFPs (Profile Pictures) are extremely popular and collectible. It gives us a clue into our deeper natures, one of showmanship and social position, on a sociological level.

If you exhibit an avatar NFT, it is presumed that you genuinely own it. Is it, however, to prevent people from capturing screenshots of NFTs and using them as avatars? On this, one company is ahead of the game. has developed software that allows NFT PFP holders to verify their on-chain avatar ownership.

It only takes a few seconds, and it allows NFT holders to claim ownership openly. Thanks to the program, once a person has posted their NFT avatar to Twitter, anyone can click on it to see a certificate of ownership display. The concept is so well-thought-out that has accepted it into its accelerator program to assist push, sell, and promote the product.

The mission of is to assist in the development of new and innovative projects and protocols in the space. Mentors, funds, inject money, and expose initiatives to market actors are all things the organization does. It’s also collaborating with MyNFT to help it grow and reach a larger audience.

Twitter appears to be on board since it has already provided a verified means for users to show their own NFT avatars. Is it possible that Discord and Youtube will follow suit? It’s conceivable that users will begin to demand it.

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