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Today, the Rolling Stone music magazine entered the NFT area. They auctioned off two digital magazine covers created in collaboration with BAYC. To date, the Ape-themed digital painting collection has sold $1 billion in secondary sales.

The recent merger of Rolling Stone and Bored Ape Yacht Club went into effect. The journal’s cover featured a bored monkey, and an instant turnover of roughly 2,500 limited version paper zines was produced.

SuperRare is where the bidding takes place

That journal case is now an NFT, and it is for sale. The bidding host for this NFT is SuperRare. The auction will continue for five days starting today. The call has crossed 20ETH (about $47,000) since the auction began. At the same time, SuperRare is running a deal for a separate case that includes Mutant Ape.

The two auctions are part of a series of seven NFT instances that the media outlet plans to publicize. They will, however, distribute them in collaboration with the creators of Bored Ape. In addition, the Bored Ape performers will appear in the following five NFTs, well-designed by famous NFT artists.

Other people in the area

The media outlet has become the latest print edition to advance into web three-space due to this auction. The Economist followed the NFT route a fortnight ago, selling one of their covers as NFT for $419,000. TIME magazine has already declared its foray into the NFT arena by releasing a series of digital covers.

According to the New York Times, part of the revenue from their NFTs will go to help the poor. The Times will do it through a non-profit organization that they run. On the other hand, the New York Times received $500,000 for an NFT editorial in March.

That is, however, only the top of the iceberg. Playboy began issuing NFs a few months ago. The NFTs profiled several years of photogrammetry and art. The collection included photographs of classic centerfolds, among other things. There are also Fortune’s NFTs available for purchase on the OpenSea marketplace.

None of these publications, however, had a deal with a DeFi-common label to release them. Let alone a collaboration with a well-known label like Bored Ape.

To demonstrate that the two entities have the same goal. The media director, Gus Werner, stated that the media outlet has always been supportive of artists. As a result, he feels the two brands are well-aligned. In addition, he noted that Bored Ape enjoys music and culture, which gives them an advantage as potential project partners.

Both visual artists and musicians widely use NFTs. However, due to its profitable nature, reporters and media organizations are flocking to the area. Quartz, for example, sold an NFT piece for around $1,800. Likewise, as an NFT, the Associated Press auctioned a piece of digital art.

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