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The previous 12 months have been fruitful for hackers. They were able to steal about $7 billion by hacking into remote offices using social media user identities.

In 2021, the number of complaints to the FBI climbed by 7%. According to this organization, 847.4 thousand applications were received. Simultaneously, the number of misplaced money jumped by 64 percent. This was revealed in a study released this week.

According to this document, due to distant communication and virtual meetings, most scammed Internet users have been prey to fraudsters.

A business email breach resulted in the theft of $2.4 billion. Another $1.46 billion was taken in investment fraud, including cryptocurrency deposits. In addition, $956 million was taken through the deceit of confidence and numerous love scams aimed at the unwary.

The most common sort of fraud, according to the FBI, was the organizing of virtual meetings. During these events, a request for monies to be sent to a bogus account was received from a compromised manager’s account, and numerous subordinates followed the instructions.

In an attempt to acquire access to the victims’ finances, several fraudsters pretended to be customer service representatives, police enforcement officers, or family members. The FBI was able to freeze $ 328 million in stolen cash thanks to their efforts. This represents almost 74% of the monies taken in 1726 fraud incidents.

According to the research, the elderly were the most common victims of the fraud. In 2021, at least 92.3 thousand officially reported complaints in the over-60 age group, totaling approximately $1.68 billion. In the same period, just 69.4 thousand complaints were lodged by 20 to 29, with losses totaling approximately $431 million.

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