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Grexie has announced the global launch of its native token GREX, an ERC-20 crypto coin available for free on the Polygon blockchain. Along with this announcement, Grexie revealed its integration with Onramper, a fiat-to-crypto platform that combines all major gateways into a single solution.

Furthermore, the Polygon gas fees in each transaction set the initial price of GREX and stimulate price appreciation via deflationary tokenomics.

Following Ethereum’s deflationary status due to its use of the EIP-1559 mechanism, deflationary tokens have played an important role in the broader digital asset market. However, not all deflationary coins offer beneficial tokenomics to investors.

With this in mind, Grexie intends to combine the benefits of deflationary mechanics with the convenience of a completely free token. GREX holders can effortlessly trade their tokens for fiat when their value rises, thanks to Grexie’s integration with Onramper’s fiat-to-crypto gateway aggregator, including an API and a widget.

Grexie offers free allocations of its limited GREX tokens to its users, as well as a minimal gas price for completing transactions on Polygon. They can first receive up to 1 million GREX per allocation, but the ceiling reduces with each allocation.

Unlike the traditional practice of artificially inflating ICO token valuations, GREX’s token valuation is determined by market forces. In the meantime, the token is distributed to users using a long-standing community distribution process.

In addition, associates who promote GREX receive a ten percent bonus as an incentive. Because the gas fees are nearly consistent, the value per token-based solely on the gas cost nearly doubles every 350 million issues.

Tim Bershin, CEO of Grexie, also expressed his excitement about the latest collaboration.

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