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Cryptocurrencies are now more popular than ever, yet mainstream adoption has remained elusive. While younger and tech-savvy individuals are more likely to possess digital currencies, the general public still finds them too confusing. This is where Grand Time comes in, allowing users to learn about cryptocurrencies, receive cryptocurrency incentives by completing basic tasks, and invest in DeFi primitives.

Grand Time allows users to monetize their time through its varied ecosystem of Web 3.0 products powered by its native $GRAND token and proprietary blockchain-enabled decentralized time. Each part of the Grand Time ecosystem is designed to reward users for their time spent on the site. Grand Crypto School, Grand Social Mining Platform, Grand Community & Messenger, Grand Wallet, Grand GIG Tasks Marketplace, Grand Dex Exchange, and Grand NFT Marketplace are among the services available.

Earnings on the Grand Time platform do not require any technical or blockchain understanding. Users must complete simple digital chores to get $GRAND tokens in exchange for their time. Additionally, the network’s GIG Tasks marketplace and Social Mining platform earn cash, paid into the “Grand Exchange Program” reward pool. This pool contains all the cash, allowing users to access them as needed. Tokens are sent via this pool if users want to exchange their $GRAND tokens for other cryptocurrencies.

Providing Financial Independence to the People

The platform’s primary features, such as Grand Social Mining and the Grand GIG Activities marketplace, allow users to make a consistent income by executing simple tasks. Users earn $GRAND tokens for the time they spend accomplishing these tasks, which they may spend in the Grand Time ecosystem in various ways.

Users can earn $GRAND tokens by doing simple social media activities on the Grand Social Mining Platform and the Grand GIG Tasks marketplace, such as like posts, posting comments, promoting projects, or executing other tasks required by advertisers. In addition, participants on the platform can also earn $GRAND tokens by taking surveys, voting, and offering honest reviews on items and services.

According to the Grand Time team’s most recent report, the Grand GIG Jobs marketplace has facilitated more than 80,000 tasks intending to help more than 1.3 billion individuals in impoverished and undeveloped countries earn a minimum of $5 to $10 each day. Grand Time is focused on developing solutions that provide stable income sources to people worldwide, particularly those who live on less than $4 per day.

While the least amount that may be earned through Grand Time‘s broad network of Web 3.0 solutions is $5 to $10, users who are extremely active on the platform and complete upwards of 100 activities per day can make more than $100 per day. Users who labor 24 hours a day make over $200 each day.

The Grand Time has distributed over $2 million in $GRAND tokens to its community members. Since its debut, the website has shown extraordinary organic growth in recent years, with a user base spanning 93 countries. Furthermore, the site has over 27,000 active members and has raised $78,000 from its recent presale without using any marketing initiatives.

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