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Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are a blockchain-based technology revolutionizing content delivery by bypassing intermediaries and linking producers with a community of patrons and fans.

NFT Marketplaces are one of the key drivers of this digital transformation. They’re redefining the creator economy by allowing content creators to sell directly to their audience. NFT Marketplaces do away with the need for producers to rely on traditional content distribution channels like Instagram or Youtube, allowing them to generate value for their work independently.

In other words, NFTs and NFT marketplaces are changing the supply-chain format between creators and consumers. Furthermore, the number of NFT Marketplaces dedicated to certain niches like K-pop, luxury goods, and trading cards is growing.

For example, Goku is a project that aims to create an online community for anime and manga fans, allowing creators to engage directly with their fans. It also enables users to safely access anime NFTs and Manga content while assuring the authenticity of Goku’s NFT collectibles.

Goku may also use their native GOKU coin to create platforms and marketplaces that help anime and manga fandoms, as well as make them more feasible for producers and a more rewarding experience for consumers.

Rather than just being a venue to trade digital art, NFT marketplaces are turning into communities that allow creators to gain value from the community and networks they build.

Overall, Goku wishes to create a safe environment where people can freely express their enthusiasm for Manga and Anime.

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