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The first ever structured cryptocurrency deposits have been launched for European residents by Gekkoin. The new product is designed to hedge volatility risks associated with digital assets and responds to the growing number of investors willing to partake in profit-making in the crypto industry. 

The new structured deposits offered by Gekkoin give users the chance to continue generating returns on cryptocurrencies even under bearish market conditions. The product also grants interest rates higher than those offered by bank savings accounts and offers full capital protection from risks. Among the assets offered for investment are popular coins, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Monero, all of which are provided with full or partial protection against capital losses.

Gekkoin is positioning its new product as a convenient and readymade investment solution that offers users easy market entry and a wide variety of available strategy templates that can be used by both novice and professional investors. Gekkoin’s successful cooperation with blockchain development company Adventarium, the crypto broker AtlantEX, and the Papaya fintech platform has allowed for the provision of safe and convenient investment and financial instruments for operations with cryptocurrencies and fiat funds.

The structured deposits offered by Gekkoin grant users a choice of three different strategies with varying levels of risk. The first is the dynamic strategy that allows earning as much as 50% on bullish prices on the crypto market. The next is the safe strategy, which provides a 4% annual yield under bearish market conditions and as much as 18% on bullish markets. The balanced strategy option provides anywhere between 20 to 25% of cryptocurrency price increases and as much as 95-100% loss protection. 

The use of two-layer investment portfolios comprising traditional market assets and digital assets has made such performance of the strategies a reality along with compensation of price volatility and negative market movements. 

Gekkoin also provides its users with a native digital wallet that is tethered to the Gekkard banking app. The application is already available for download from Google Play and App Store, allowing users to conduct withdrawal and transfer operations from the main Gekkoin platform at zero commissions. Use of the application gives Gekkoin users the opportunity to make payments and take advantage of a branded card for use anywhere around the world.

All registered users who pass the required personal identification procedures in the application will be eligible to receive access to additional functions and features, which include a European IBAN account registered in Malta that allows them to make SEPA payments. The application also allows users to manage their card limits and payments with MasterCard links to bank accounts in case of availability of a residence permit in the EEA region.

“Most derivatives products currently available on the market are inaccessible to the majority of users due to the complicated technical natures of the underlying systems. We aim to make such products accessible and convenient for use to both novice and experienced market players and investors. The products we have developed have virtually erased the barriers that had previously restricted investors with fiat funds to make investments in digital assets,” as stated by the representative of Gekkoin.

The Gekkoin team is confident that demand for such products as structured deposits is set to grow in light of the appearance of large institutional investors, such as Barclays Capital on the digital assets market. The entry of numerous new users onto the cryptocurrencies market is another factor stimulating demand. The company is determined to continue expanding its product line and is intent on launching SWIFT payments from its platform, as well as adding new assets in the near future.

Source: CryptoDaily

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