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Despite the 140 NFTs distributed by the Ethereum blockchain team, Twitter’s CEO remained skeptical about ETH as a safe investment.

For those enthusiasts of collecting non-fungible tokens, there was some excellent news on the web yesterday. First, a random “artifact” comprising 140 distinct NFTs was suggested by the Twitter team. After that, one of the users speculated that the time would come for Dorsey to invest in Ethereum sooner or later. The CEO himself responded with a resounding “no,” indicating that he is solely focused on Bitcoin.

His stoic attitude sparked uproar on social media almost instantly. Cinneamhaim Ventures’ Adam Cochran, for example, chastised Dorsey for being “Bitcoin maxi,” while his social network mints NFT at the expense of the Ethereum network. Cochran playfully advised Dorsey to compete for the United States in the 2021 Olympics, where the jury would judge his mental gymnastics.

It’s worth mentioning that, in addition to Twitter, Dorsey also operates Square, a cryptocurrency-focused startup. However, it appears that this has no bearing on Dorsey’s claim that he solely holds Bitcoins, which he made two years ago on his Twitter account.

At the BTC conference this June, he stressed that

“Bitcoin transforms everything; there is hardly anything in the world that is more favorable for all people.”

Not to mention the fact that, since 2018, Dorsey has often stated his belief that Bitcoin would become the Internet’s unitary currency while refusing to use any altcoins.

The reason for the founder of Twitter’s hatred of ETH and other tokens is still unknown. Especially given that other billionaires, such as Mike Novogratz, see potential in ETH and believe it might one day overtake Bitcoin as the most valuable cryptocurrency.

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