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Edward Snowden, the well-known whistleblower and former computer intelligence specialist who disclosed the Five Eyes Intelligence Alliance, said he was present at the Zcash founding ceremony. Snowden claims that he took part in the founding ceremony and used the “pseudonym John Dobbertin.”

During the introduction of Zcash, Snowden took on the character of ‘John Dobbertin.’

Edward Snowden was one of the six persons who helped create Zcash on October 23, 2016, according to a new video released by Zcash Media. According to the video, the six participants had no idea who was holding the Zcash private keys, so they used pseudonyms to avoid being identified.

Before releasing the footage, it had been known for years that software engineer Peter Todd had also attended the event. Todd wrote the “Cypherpunk Desert Bus,” which is a thorough explanation of the Zcash ceremony from his point of view.

On the other hand, Todd updated his blog post and struck through the text below the update.

Todd wrote,

“Taking this down for now until some questions about the deterministic builds are answered; currently I do not believe the Zcash trusted setup should be called a multi-party computation, making my involvement pointless.”

Peter Todd, a software developer, answers

Todd replied to the revelation that Snowden was involved once the tape was released.

Others chastised Snowden for promoting Zcash even though he was the founder.

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