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The Solana blockchain-based horse racing game, allows players to buy, breed, and race NFT horses, and provides users with interactive and imaginative gameplay.

DarleyGo, an NFT horse racing game on Solana has completed its initial DEX offering (IDO) for one $DGE, one of its tokens, raising almost $1.6 million with liquidity support in the latest funding round.  According to darleyGo, the said token will be available for listing in many crypto exchanges where people can buy and trade the tokens.

DarleyGo’s latest initial DEX offering, according to some experts, was successful partly due to its stated goals, alongside community participation and approximately $4,497 leftover allocations (failed transactions/KYC error). There was a lot of tension leading to the IDO as the current market situation, coupled with the recent technical difficulties on the Solana platform became a major hurdle for DarleyGo.

DarleyGo has been lauded by investors, creating a buzz around it for its unique plan. The blockchain-based horse racing game has over a few months acquired multiple partners and its current IDO now provides another avenue for users to patronize the game which is a key aspect in IDOs.

According to the team behind DarleyGo, the latest IDO is a spark that is going to lead the game to higher dimensions as their next action will be on the next phase of their roadmap. The Solana blockchain-based horse racing game, allows players to buy, breed, and race NFT horses, and provides users with interactive and imaginative gameplay. These horses are all unique and have unique characteristics and abilities. Players can use the tokens to buy items in the in-game marketplace.

DarleyGO is also the world’s first myth-based NFT horse racing game based on the Solana blockchain. The game utilizes the Solana blockchain and its metaplex standard non-fungible token (NFT) and SPL token to realize all in-game assets and play-to-earn model.

DarleyGO over the last few months has established itself as a household name in the P2E game space with its dual-token system, tagged as an avenue for the development of the DarleyGo platform due to its utilization of tokens. The game also boasts of several features including Free to race and has a strong founding team with solid technical and real-life horse racing background as well as a world-class graphic design team.

DarleyGo’s entire gameplay focuses on three game modes which included Racing Mode, Trainer Mode, and Breeding Mode. In the Racing Mode, players fight against 12 opponents in special or regular horse racing events. DarleyGo announced in December 2021 that it was integrating 3D streaming for all racing events in this mode.

DarleyGo’s Token$ DGE is now live on Raydium and available for trading starting from 17th March. $DGE also doubles as the governance token for the DarleyGo universe that is utilized for other special game features and according to the team behind it, It will be primarily used for breeding, staking, voting, special rewards, and the in-house marketplace.

DarleyGo’s $GXE, is also mainly used for transactions like race entry fees, mission, prize pool rewards, breeding, and the in-house marketplace.


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