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After the attack on the Colonial Pipeline operator, the US Department of Justice announced that they were able to recover $2.3 million in Bitcoin equivalent from the sum previously paid to the group of hackers known as DarkSide.

The 63.7 BTC was simply a portion of the already given to hackers’ payout. Authorities claim they were able to trace the chain of transfers and wallets involved and extract a secret key from one of the BTC addresses.

The notion that the FBI might access their digital currency wallets at any time alarmed the crypto community. Although the feds do not reveal how they obtained the coins, one of the crypto enthusiasts chose to speculate on a possible scenario on Twitter.

According to the CryptoCloaks account, the FBI “hacked” the server rather than the wallet. Blockstream CEO Adam Back responded by saying that the secret agency had just requested access to a cryptocurrency wallet from a provider allocated to it in Northern California. Others began to blame Coinbase for the situation, stating that the 63.7 BTC received by law enforcement officers “passed,” including through Coinbase’s servers in California. Coinbase Chief Security Officer Philip Martin responded on Twitter, stressing that the exchange has no information that the money was transferred through one of its wallets.

One of the US attorney’s reps also stated that the authorities will not back down in their fight against virtual attackers. Joe Biden plans to bring up the topic of cryptocurrencies at the upcoming G7 summit. Furthermore, he had previously submitted a request to American law enforcement organizations to investigate the tracking of crypto transactions in order to combat future hacking and ransomware.

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