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Cryptrade - The smart extension of the world's leading exchanges

Cryptrade is the perfect complement to the world’s leading crypto exchanges. With a multitude of possibilities, trading cryptocurrency will be faster, easier and clearer than ever before. Innovative technologies and overviews across all exchanges will make the complex world of crypto currencies easier for everyone.

The steadily growing crypto market is attracting more and more potential investors. But the complexity of the technology discourages many from investing in the digital currency at first. For this reason, Cryptrade has been concerned from the beginning to make the entry for crypto newbies as easy as possible. The intuitive handling and great instructions ensure a smooth start.
It was also very important to the team of experienced traders to make the service attractive and valuable for experienced and professional traders too by offering an extensive range.

Another big concern is absolute security and transparency. Cryptrade works with the seven leading exchanges worldwide. The transactions take place exclusively on the stock exchanges. Cryptrade only transmits commands via encrypted interfaces and therefore has no direct access to the coins at any time.

But what makes Cryptrade so innovative?

Breakthrough and simple trading filters:

The core competence of Cryptrade is the fully automated trading with cryptocurrency. Chart techniques are very complex and can only be interpreted correctly by professional and experienced traders. In order to enable everyone to trade with as less effort as possible, Cryptrade offers a fully automated trading bot. Attaching a wide selection of individually created filters, sometimes very strong price fluctuations can be optimally exploited. To explain it as simple as possible: the price falls – the filter buys, the price rises – the filter sells it with a profit. The strategy sounds simple, but the technology behind it is very complex and required years of development and perfection. Today, Cryptrade proudly claims that this development time has paid off and the strategy is finally working as well as it sounds.

Smart savings plans:

The savings plans are the easiest way to increase the amount of crypto currencies step by step. With a long-term investment, you benefit not only from the steadily increasing number of assets, you also will get a stable average price. Similar to the trading filters, the savings can also be personalized. The regular purchase of the coins is carried out automatically according to a desired rhythm. Another priority for Cryptrade is flexibility. Without outside interference, the savings plan can be paused, changed or deleted at any time.

The innovative and flexible crypto index:

Investing in cryptocurrencies can involve significant risk. Sometimes strongly fluctuating prices quickly lead investors to prematurely sell their coins at a loss. In the world of equities, there is already the option of using ETFs to spread the risk and easily increase your assets over the long term. Since there are so far very few and inflexible alternatives in the crypto market, Cryptrade has made it its task and developed an innovative technology.

Every user can put together their own indices from an unlimited number of crypto currencies in just a few simple steps. After the index has been created once, a regular purchase is carried out automatically, similar to the savings. For a perfect overview of the courses, detailed information and statistics are listed in the user account.

The prices of the individual crypto currencies are known to develop differently why an imbalance in the index can quickly arise. There is also a solution for this: the rebalancing. This compensation can take place either every six months or annually.

Portfolio across all exchanges:

Not every cryptocurrency is available on each exchange. So it could happen that you create some user accounts at crypto exchanges step by step and lose track of them. A share of the crypto assets is now on each exchange. Checking all portfolios can quickly become a tedious challenge. Cryptrade found a charming solution for this problem. The data of all supported exchanges are collected and clearly shown in just one list. In a few seconds, you can see the assets of each individual exchange combined.

Source: CryptoDaily

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