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Satoshi Nakamoto hasn’t been seen online in almost ten years, since April 23, 2011. After that, a few years later, there was only one more letter, which was only five words long. In this week’s CoinGeek Conversations, Charles Miller is joined by Dr. Craig S. Wright, the man behind the alias.

Between working full-time at BDO, completing several degrees, and commuting from Sydney to his farm, he has a lot on his plate. Craig found time to write emails and post on the Cryptography Mailing List as Satoshi Nakamoto, linking to the Bitcoin White Paper, allowing mailing list members to be among the first to see it.

Even after Bitcoin‘s debut, Craig admits that he had reservations about it: “I was rather uncertain whether it would work or not, to tell you the truth, I was not confident at all.” The first and most notable response to the White Paper came from mailing list contributor James A. Donald, who stated that the issue with the concept was that Bitcoin will never scale—a claim that Craig has been working hard to refute ever since.

Several debates centered on Satoshi’s writing style in figuring out who was behind the Satoshi persona, which became even more enigmatic after he “disappeared” in 2011. ‘Craig as Satoshi,’ as Charles points out, is a calm writer. In comparison, he cites Craig from a 2010 post in which he seems upset. Craig notes that he has various writing styles that he uses, depending on the situation.

The “Satoshi anoraks,” as Charles refers to the amateur online investigators, have done various analyses, ranging from Satoshi’s use of double spacing to the times he tweeted. Mike Hearn’s holiday greeting to Satoshi included the following comment: “Happy Christmas Satoshi, assuming you celebrate it.” Satoshi did not acknowledge Hearn’s greeting. Charles inquired as to whether this was a deliberate or unintentional omission: “I don’t hide that I’m Christian anymore, but I used to,” Craig said. “I found that it was rather problematic because of the attitudes of people in Silicon Valley in particular.” Craig’s conversation would be incomplete if he didn’t discuss books, specifically audiobooks. Craig explains how his wife will have to put up with the sound of his audiobooks being played at high speed when they were in bed at night and the two laugh. “I live on audiobooks—the wife says it sounds like a bunch of chipmunks.” In this episode of CoinGeek Conversations, Charles Miller discusses “the rise and fall of Satoshi Nakamoto.”

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