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Coin Futures and Lending Exchanges, or CoinFLEX, has partnered with the Chainlink oracle ecosystem, claiming to be one of the most reliable portals offering physically delivered cryptocurrency futures exchange.

CoinFLEX claims to provide its worldwide community with easy access to data relating to token prices and market trends by integrating Chainlink Price Feeds. By providing the greatest services to users, the renowned oracle cluster will assist the exchange portal in strengthening its dominance in the sector. Furthermore, customers will benefit from an additional layer of accurate data feeds on the CoinFLEX exchange, which will assist them in making informed decisions while exploring the crypto realm.

The agreement will serve as a proving ground for both parties as they look to see how well they can work together to meet the needs of their customers. This collaboration’s success will pave the way for larger integrations in the future. Oracles have become a vital tool as cryptocurrency and DeFi products have grown in popularity. These protocols make it easier for data users to get credible information from other sources. In addition, they provide a link between on-chain users and other sources of information.

CoinFLEX was established in 2019 as a platform that provides a secure environment for trading cryptocurrencies and earning returns. The exchange creates cutting-edge products such as flexUSD, a one-of-a-kind interest-yielding stablecoin, and AMM+, the industry’s most efficient automated market maker. Polychain Capital, Dragonfly Capital, Roger Ver, and others have backed the portal.

Chainlink Pricing Feeds provides customers with top-tier cryptocurrency token movements, market analytics, and price data. The network is well-known for its ability to accommodate hybrid smart contracts. It controls the largest pool of data sources, covers a large section of trading ecosystems, and provides dependable off-chain computations, all of which contribute to the empowerment of a blockchain channel. Currently, the site protects billions of dollars in smart contracts relating to DeFi, insurance, gaming, and other industries. With a broad community of partners from all verticals, Chainlink has become the top choice for companies searching for standard oracle solutions for their hub.

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